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Stop Recording in 16 bit Now

What’s the deal with 16 bit audio – CD’s still sound good in 2023 / From a listening perspective there is nothing wrong with 16 bit audio. So why do we recommend recording and mixing in 24 bit audio formatsA fairly reasonable comparison in the Guardian was posted in 2021. 16 bit audio provides

Client Portal to Make your life easy

Client Portal to streamline uploading your music, previewing and receiving your final masters Steam Mastering have implemented a simple client portal to take away the annoying reliance on file transfer or cloud sharing services. We will be launching this portal officially in mid August 2022, but if you’d like to help test it and have

Client Portal Arriving Soon

Steam Mastering’s client portal is under construction To streamline our workflow and make life easier for our clients we are building a new client portal. This will allow artists and labels to upload files directly via our website and also to be able to listen to preview files in full resolution via a player in

STEAM Mastering now issuing ISRC Codes

ISRC stands for International Standard Recording Code. These are used to track the copyright of a recording and help you make sure you get paid for public playing or streaming of your music. You need to submit these wherever you upload your music and to your performing rights association where you register your works. A

Using Trim to Quickly Setup your Gain Structure

Have you ever found yourself constantly pulling down the main fader to stop your mix exceeding 0 dB?Setting up your gain structure before you start mixing will help make the mixing process easier. Many DAW\’s have a \’trim\’ pot on the mixer screen additional to the fader. You can use this to adjust the overall