Mixing Tips

Stop Recording in 16 bit Now

What’s the deal with 16 bit audio – CD’s still sound good in 2023 / From a listening perspective there is nothing wrong with 16 bit audio. So why do we recommend recording and mixing in 24 bit audio formatsA fairly reasonable comparison in the Guardian was posted in 2021. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2014/aug/21/mp3-cd-24-bit-audio-music-hi-res 16 bit audio provides

FAQ for Mastering Music

Questions we often hear about music mastering File formats, bit rates.. what the hell is going on here?

Using Trim to Quickly Setup your Gain Structure

Have you ever found yourself constantly pulling down the main fader to stop your mix exceeding 0 dB?Setting up your gain structure before you start mixing will help make the mixing process easier. Many DAW\’s have a \’trim\’ pot on the mixer screen additional to the fader. You can use this to adjust the overall