Allan in the studio -

The master of the track he provided for me perfectly preserved the characteristics I saw as important while also adding his own subtle but ultimately necessary improvements.

Ranjit Nijjer - one of the nicest producers and people in Melbourne

Ranjit Nijjer
Techno Producer, Dj and Technoir Head Honcho Melbourne Australia

Audio Mastering Before And After Samples

How will your music sound after being professionally mastered?

Press Play below the song and then switch between Pre-Master and Master to hear the differences achieved by getting your audio mastering with us.
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If your song isn’t professionally mastered, you’re starting the race with your shoe laces undone

With 82 million songs on Spotify and counting, you can’t afford not have your song professionally mastered.
Without it, your song will fall through the cracks.
While mastering won’t make you famous, you need to make sure that song pops out of the speakers.
We can get that part right for you..

You’ve spent all that time crafting your art, you’ve probably spent time and money promoting it, don’t let it all be wasted.

Wanna chat about this a bit more – and see how we can help your music get heard and help you collect serious fans.
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Things we do for artists and labels

artistic drawing of 3 way speakers - Steam mastering have a fully tuned listening environment to master the audio


Let us take your high quality mix and squeeze that last bit to find the special element.
The final polish to make your music pop out of the speakers sending your emotion to your listener’s hearts.
Tell us how you want to sound, click on the contact us button for a no obligation consultation

drawing of a DJ on the decks - pumping out a loud track mastered by Steam Mastering


Can’t seem to nail the tight and big bass you hear in your head?
Do you need a loud master to bounce out of the decks and on to the dance floor?
Steam Mastering does stem mastering too, we’ll take mixed group stems and get that track punching right out.
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coach lifting up the skills of the student. - Steam Mastering can act as your second pair of ears


Doing everything yourself?
Can’t work out if you’re done or what needs to be done next?
We listen to music and provide feedback and mixing tips for our clients as part of the process all the time.
If you just need a little bit of advice, but don’t want to sign up for yet another course. We can help get you out of the rut. Just hit that contact us button to have a chat without any obligations.

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