2024 Update and Exciting Moves for Steam Mastering

Where have you been?

I know – it’s been quiet around here and on my social media. So here’s a pretty big update.

Allan Klinbail - happy mastering engineer
Allan in East Malaysia (Sabah, Borneo) in 2022

2024 So far

While I haven’t been back to Sabah this year, we did head off to Penang, Malaysia.
From July – December 2023 – for personal reasons, I stopped taking on new work from new clients. From January this year, however, it’s been pretty busy.

Notable projects have been:

Recently Completed or being released soon

2024 – 2nd half – the big news

We’re Moving To Malaysia

What ???

I won’t go into the boring business details – but my partner and I are establishing a new business incorporating our areas of expertise ..
The business is called AI SaaS and Audio Consulting Services —-
(and don’t shout — I will not be using AI mastering – this work is absolutely done with a personal touch — You see my partner’s and my first initial together are AI — but also the other area we both work in SaaS does utilise or integrate with AI – yet philosophically and from evidence we believe any creative output is best performed by humans. )

South East Asia is a very exciting place at the moment – and we’ve visited 4 times in the last 12 years.
AI SaaS will be assisting people and businesses with transition to cloud services (often working through partners) — and also helping with internal and external content and that means audio can be part of that service.

The mastering work will still happen. As Steam Mastering has been online only (for 4 years as Steam Mastering and previously another 2 as the official business name – Steam Train Engineering and Mixing). While formally the mastering work will be performed by the new business, it will still be Allan Klinbail (that’s me) doing the mastering – so for all clients (existing and new) – nothing changes in that aspect.

Initially, the business will still be online only. But I’m pleased to announce, that is a temporary scenario.
We are investigating potential new locations in Penang, Malaysia, with with more space that people may be able to visit (once properly set-up).
Maybe I’ll have people in the mastering room (I get a bit self conscious) BUT I’m proud to say we are investigating on-site services for the following audio related services.

  • Music Production Work
  • Mixing Services (potentially ATMOS in the future)
  • Audio Content production for social media and other digital channels
  • Audio content production for training material
  • Voice Over services (use our talented connections)
  • Bespoke music creation for reels
  • Voice over recording facilities
  • Relaxed Creation and Recording Space (BYO engineers or use ours) …. I don’t believe in stuffy formal recording studios – the best results are when people are comfortable, so this will be more like a lounge with areas of different sonic response.

Not everything is going to happen straight away and this will evolve over time – but the mastering work should start back up by September 2024
An advantage for Australian, US and European clients, is that this may provide an opportunity to escape the day to day grind – and get your writing, production, recording and/or mixing done in a beautiful environment, with access to affordable accommodation and food nearby the studio (or go 6 star if that’s what you need)..
For South East Asian clients – we’ll bring our experience, and relaxed yet professional ways of working.

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