Client Portal to Make your life easy

Client Portal to streamline uploading your music, previewing and receiving your final masters

Offer Ended

This offer is now finished. Of course if you ask nicely before the end of September 2022 _ I might still honour it.

Steam Mastering have implemented a simple client portal to take away the annoying reliance on file transfer or cloud sharing services. We will be launching this portal officially in mid August 2022, but if you’d like to help test it and have songs ready to go, you can get 25% off your project.

What’s the best thing about A.I mastering services like Landr and e-Mastered? – The consistent and easy file upload and download experience.

There plenty of areas where real life mastering engineers can provide you a better service than an automated service. One area that real life engineers often do worse is in providing a good method for submitting you music, receiving feedback and downloading the final work.

We noticed choosing a common way of sharing files can often get in the way of the mastering process. Chatting to you about your music and goals is far more important than navigating file permissions on Google or identifying the right WeTransfer email.

screenshot of mobile version of client portal on - showing title and upload section
Steam Mastering Client Portal on mobile
screenshot showing client portal
screenshot of the client portal

How does it work?

Contact Steam Mastering to book in mastering for your latest project

  1. Upload your Music
    Click the plus button and your device will offer to choose a file.
    Once all files are chosen click “Start Upload”
  2. Playback the result
    Once we finish your master we will upload it to the player in full resolution and mp3 to the file explorer section. You will receive an email notifying you that it is there.
    You can listen directly from the page or transfer the mp3 to a player of your choice
  3. Tell us your thoughts in the comments
    You can let us know if you are happy with the result, have some questions or want something changed in the comments section.
    The portal will email us straight away.
  4. Download the final master
    Once you are happy with the revision and payments are made, the full resolution file will be copied into the file explorer section.
    You can download it from there.

Are my files safe? What happens next?

The portal stores files in a Google Cloud storage (Google Drive) that is not shared with anyone outside Steam Mastering. So you get the benefits of the file encryption and high availability of Google Drive, without having to use your own storage space or worry about share permissions etc (and neither do we) ..

Once a project is finished, you can decide what to do. We won’t delete them for at least 3 months so you can leave them in the portal for backup.
You can rename the files if you want them to reflect the final
If you start a new project with us, we’ll move the existing music into a new folder

Got music ready for mastering? Keen to try the portal? Want 25% off your project?

Offer Ended

This offer is now finished. Of course if you ask nicely before the end of September 2022 _ I might still honour it.


The Client Portal is in the final stages of testing. We’d love some extra feedback and have a handful of spots left before launch, so we’re offering a 25% discount on projects booked now, due before mid August.

Contact us using the button below for this very limited offer.

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