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Congratulations to Modern Andy

Steam Mastering Client Gets signed and released on Indimore

We started working with Eric aka Modern Andy a few years ago. After mastering a collaborative work between him and Arcane Trickster, Eric decided to try us out. So it’s with great pleasure we announce his signing to Indimore and release of “Self Titled” Keen to make sure that he was getting the best possible sound, Eric always worked closely with us. Steam Mastering provided mix feedback and mixing tips and suggestions along the way. This helped Eric nail the mixes. Getting them as close as possible to the desired sound before mastering. From there, Allan mastered the songs. Also taking on board feedback to get the best possible result.

screenshot of indimore records website - tiled images of artists - left middle shows a photo of Modern Andy

Modern Andy Noticed by Eric Alper and Signed by Indimore

After a number of releases through 2021 and 2022,Modern Andy was starting to get noticed. The Modern Andy sound is quite unique. It blends electronic music with other more earthy styles. So it was great to see this starting to cut through. Yell, released in 2022 was reviewed by Eric Alper, Canadian music publicist and radio DJ on Sirius XM . This is a trip hop number in collaboration with LowLegs
( In early 2023, Eric notified us that he had approached by Indimore for their in-house label.

“Self Titled” Release

In the middle of 2022 Eric began finalising the songs for the release that was to be known as “Self Titled” He began chatting with us about the sonic signature of the new release. Eric started sending early mixes by the Australian spring. We worked with Modern Andy as part of his team (us and him). Eric utilised the full service approach to mastering. That is reviewing the songs and the sound and working together to get the final product just right. By January 2023 this process was full steam ahead. (very punny) This collection of songs touches on varying styles and influences but it’s best you take a listen yourself. (just click on the image) We are very proud of the final outcome of this EP but all credit needs to go to Eric. These are beautiful songs that were written with heart and crafted with care. We are honoured to have a hand in helping realise the Modern Andy vision of these songs.

screenshot of player with Album cover  - for Modern Andy  - Self Titled
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